Welcome to the exciting world of art in California! Our ArtThumb blog takes you on a fascinating journey through contemporary art centered on pop culture, nostalgia, urban environments and pop surrealism.

We will try to take you through a variety of exhibitions that are hotly debated in the art world of California. Our exhibition reviews will detail the artists and their works that embody the spirit of modernity and the timeless theme of nostalgia. We will introduce you to a variety of urban art styles that find their roots in local culture and street motifs.

“ArtThumb” will also delve into the world of pop surrealism, which embodies the line between reality and fantasy. You’ll learn about the work of artists who use surrealist techniques to create amazing works of art that inspire and capture the imagination.

Stay up-to-date on the latest events and manifestations of art in California with our exhibition calendar. Join us to discover new facets of the art world and be inspired by the work of California’s best artists